An Open Letter to "That One Kid"

We all have that one kid.  Here's how we truly feel about him/her.

Hey You,
You are that kid. The one that will actively choose to sit in the back of the class (if you get a choice) and put your head down when the lesson begins. That one kid who never turns in any work, doesn’t take things seriously, and when asked what you plan to do with your life, proudly tell me that you’re going to be the next Jordan or Watt; Cobain or Lamar, or Rowling or Gates. The kid who is so smart, so talented, so creative that it drives me almost insane that you’ve decided to take this approach to life.
I totally believe you when you say that you’re going to make it. You’re going to be big. I’m still wishing for my big break too. And I don’t mean to smirk when you explain how “this close” you are to getting your record deal. You don’t need an education, you’re too “different” to be taught traditionally; you don’t give a fuck.
I hope that you become somebody big. I truly do. I hope that you get to give interviews to an International audience and explain how your teachers told you that you weren’t going to amount to anything and now you’re showing us. I want you to succeed in a way where you become the inspiration to kids who are just like you. I’m sincere when I say that this is my dream for you.
And you’re not going to like it when I say this…
Success comes to those who try. Success comes to those who strive for it and set out to achieve goals. Very rarely does it fall into anyone’s lap. If you cracked open your world history book, or read that novel we read last term, you might have seen the precedence for this.
You don’t take school seriously. I get it. I was you too at one point in my life. You don’t see the benefits right now and you wish everyone would just get off your back.
But I’m here to tell you… education is important. School is important. Giving yourself the gift of a lifetime of determination and persistence and curiosity is important. And more than anything this is what I want for you.
I hope you remember this the next time you tell me to “go fuck” myself for asking you to put your cell phone away or put pen to paper.
I’m not as cynical about your future as you think I am.