Six Videos to Use While Reading Anthem

I've talked about my love of TED Talks both here and here.  When we did our Anthem unit at the beginning of the year, I found more in the other channels that I subscribe to on YouTube than I did on TED that related to the book.  So here they are: six videos I used to supplement Anthem by Ayn Rand.  If you're interested in the PowerPoint I use, you can find it in my TPT store here.

#1: "Changing Educational Paradigms" by Ken Robinson

This is the RSA Animate version of the longer TED Talk "Do Schools Kill Creativity" by Robinson.  In it he discusses the idea that culture and learning have changed, therefore schools need to adapt to the way kids are learning.  The whole video is an interesting watch, but what I used to relate to Anthem was the bit about divergent thinking.  We had a whole group discussion about divergent thinking and how it relates to Equality.  The students were also able to relate other parts of the video (such as the assembly line idea) to Anthem as well.  

#2: "It's a Wonderful Life: Individual vs. Community" by Nerdwriter

I love Nerdwriter.  I use so many of his video essays in class.  If you ever feel like falling down a YouTube hole, I suggest his channel.  It's brilliant.

In this particular video, he analyzes the aspects of the individual vs. the community in the Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life.  One of his main points is that whenever George does something for the community, it never benefits him... in fact, it only seems to hurt him.  In class, we juxtaposed this idea against Anthem and Equality's conflict.

#3: "Do We Need Government?" by 8-Bit Philosophy


This video comes from the Wisecrack channel and it discusses "the natural state of man" and whether or not government is needed in civilization.  It doesn't answer the question, but it does give the students the philosophical ideas behind the question.  I introduce this video at the point in the story where Equality is in the forest but has not yet decided on creating his own system of government.  I ask them to answer the question both before and after the last chapter and watch how their answers change.

#4: "Is Capitalism Bad For You?" by 8- Bit Philosophy

This is another one from the Wisecrack channel.  I don't think that Anthem can be taught without at least introducing Marx and Communism.  Of course, in the midst of these lessons, it never fails that this exact question comes up.  Enter impromptu video lesson...

#5: "Does Christianity Make Us Weak?" by 8- Bit Philosophy

Just the title alone can give some people pause.  However, you know your kids.  You know your administration.  You know which topics can be broached and which ones are off limits.  If all else fails, you can replace Christianity with the government that is represented in Anthem and discuss the ideas within the video instead of watching it.

#6: "Sigmund Freud" by School of Life

Again, this is one of those that you show if you can.  It does discuss some of Freud's racier ideas.  School of Life also uses art to drive home their points.  This includes nude art.  However, this video does a really good job of explaining the idea of Ego.  Maybe... just use that part?

Until next time!