Audience: Teaching Persuasion

There is a certain time of the year where I feel like I eat, breath, and dream ethos, pathos, and logos.  State of Texas, can I please teach mythology?  Or archetypes? Or WHOLE NOVELS?  I’ll even take Julius Cesar at this point.

But alas, it’s always coming up persuasion.

Anyway, audience is always a tricky subject.  Either the kids get it, or they don’t.  Either I have time to teach it fully, or I don’t.  Depending on the group of students and depending on the year I’m either dedicating a few days to the concept or barely making it a topic of discussion.

I guess my point is to say here is a worksheet that I use to evaluate if the kids get it.  If they do, I move on.  If they don’t… well, then I use more in-depth measures.