If I Could Get Away With It: TV Edition | Trigger Warning with Killer Mike

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. There is a lot of great content that I wouldn’t dare show in a classroom (for various reasons) but wish that I could (for various reasons). I think I’m going to start a new series where I discuss those shows. Maybe it can help someone out there get the inspiration flowing.

So my first TV show is Trigger Warning with Killer Mike. Here’s the trailer. (Warning: it is NSFW)

Now, what I love about the district I’m in is that the kids really engage with political topics, and I can get away with a lot in regards to administration and social issues. But I would not get away with putting any part of this show in a lesson. Despite this, I think this show should be required viewing for everyone. The ideas and themes themselves are worth an entire term of lessons. For instance, the first episode “Living Black” finds Killer Mike trying to live within the Black Economy for three days. Spoiler alert: It does not go well. And this is how the show works. He introduces a social issue that effects (usually) minorities and uses logic and reason to explain why its fucked up, and how we can change it.

If I could get away with teaching this show, I would use it as context to present an issue that we would study more in depth with research, non-fiction, podcasts, short stories and poetry and songs addressing the topic, then have them write argumentatively in favor of their opinion on the issue. All of this culminating with a case study of the Oscar debate over the movie Greenbook. We would watch the movie and read about all the controversy surrounding it and they would have to apply the knowledge they’ve learned from the unit to a thesis.

But alas…

I can’t get away with teaching this show because:

  • profanity

  • nudity

  • drugs

  • sexual content

  • sensitive subjects

Oh well, maybe I’ll make a unit in the future that addresses some of Killer Mike’s ideas. Maybe. When I have the time. Which will be… probably never.

Happy Teaching!