Author's Purpose Short Analysis Lesson

One thing that my kiddos are constantly struggling with is author's purpose.  Despite the initial P.I.E. lesson that I know they all receive in middle school, coming up with a reason why an author writes the things that she/he does is difficult.  So... we practice it a lot.

Also on the list of things they need to practice are short answer responses, or analysis paragraphs.  After an entire term in which we discuss persuasion and how advertisement works, I show them the following video.

We then have a discussion about what the video is trying to achieve.  Is it informing?  Is it persuading? Is it trying to entertain?  And how does it achieve that?

Then I have the kids write a short answer response answering the question: What is the purpose of "This is a Generic Brand Video."  It's that simple.  It takes an entire class period and usually garners great discussion about advertisements, brands, and how they use images to convey their messages. 

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