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I'm a high school English teacher who has taught in Title 1 schools for the majority of my career. Disillusioned by the high demands and apathy displayed by my students, I started creating lessons that were high interest and engaging for even the most indifferent student. I realized that if I had once felt burnt out and hopeless, other teachers were feeling the same. It is my hope that Room 2209 can be a lifeline to teachers who are struggling or just looking for something new.

Helping Students to Remember What We've Read

Helping Students to Remember What We've Read

Am I the only one that finds that kids don’t remember what they’ve read through the year?

Also… who out there is a Supernatural fan?

Warning: When I thought of this idea, I had been watching a whole lot of Supernatural. And I had become pretty absorbed in all things Supernatural. Like… it bordered on obsession.

At the beginning of every show, there is a text card that says “The Road So Far” as a way to recap the show. I decided to use my love of Supernatural as a way to recap what we had read in the classroom. So I made a poster (actually it was a few sheets of letter paper) and I posted it at the back of my class.


Every time we read something, I posted the first sheet of our reading next to the poster. It was a running list of the things we read in class that year. Whenever I mentioned a piece and the kids looked at me like I had grown two heads, I would point to the back of the room and then be pleasantly surprised by the collective “oh, yeah. I remember that!”

When I taught SF and Fundamental classes it helped students with cognitive and memory disabilities by having something tangible that they could look at. When I taught SCIOP classes, the visual (the first pages of our reading usually had pictures within them) was helpful. And with the PreAP kids, it gave them a running list of examples they could use for test prep.

I included larger works, poetry, short stories, non fiction… anything and everything that we remotely analyzed during class. While this isn’t a fix all, I did see that I had less foggy stares than I had previously.

I guess that in and of itself is a win.

If you’d like my poster (I was also pretty obsessed with Chevron) you can download the pdf here.

Happy Teaching!

Analysis Overview

Analysis Overview

Teaching Collectivism and Individualism for Anthem by Ayn Rand

Teaching Collectivism and Individualism for Anthem by Ayn Rand